Next Competition

When entries open to the next Charisma Competition, the entry forms will be available on the right hand side.
(Not open to 8.50 – 9.35 Pre-School Class OR  11 – 11.45 Pre-School Class)

Last Competition

Congratulations to all the gymnasts who competed at the Charisma Competition on Saturday January 25th and Sunday January 26th 2020. Please find the results for the competition on the left hand side of the page.

Competition Routines July Competition 2019

Please note it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the gymnast to learn their routine! It is greatly beneficial for them to learn their routine as quickly as possible so the coaches can focus on correcting the skills rather than teaching the gymnast their routine.

Charisma 1 hour routine 7 years and Under

Charisma 1 hour routine 8 years and Over

Charisma 2 hour routine Under 6 and Under 7

Charisma 2 hour routine Under 9

Charisma 2 hour routine Under 11

Charisma 2 hour routine Over 11

Charisma Advanced routine 7 years and under

Charisma Advanced routine for 8,9,10 year olds

Charisma Advanced routine for 11,12,13 plus year olds