Charisma CATS Award Scheme

The Charisma Assistant Trainee (CAT) scheme was developed by Gina to allow young people from the age of 11 to develop a number of skills and an opportunity to obtain Bronze, Silver and Gold awards within the club as assistants to the club and to our gymnastics programmes.

CATs are expected to support the club in activities such as club competition, roller disco/BBQ Awards Day and other club related activities. In return they will learn valuable skills such as teamwork, punctuality, commitment and responsibility. All vital for success at work. We also believe it will help the young people involved become well rounded individuals who will make a positive difference in the future.

Through the club they can attend First Aid training, British Gymnastics Judging, Safeguarding and Protecting Children qualification and once they reach 16 the opportunity to attend British Gymnastics Coaching courses.

Here is some Testimonials from our current CATS coaches:
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Want To Join?
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The CAT scheme runs on Saturdays in our preschool classes at Dulwich Prep London. Coaches have the option to coach at the following times.

  • 08.00-10.45

  • 10.45-13:00 

  • 08:00-13.00

If you and your daughter/son think this is something that would interest you, please contact us at: