Charisma goes Virtual! Charisma will be doing home conditioning classes throughout this period to keep our gymnasts engaged and active in gymnastics. Remember just because we are confined to the house doesn’t mean we can’t do gymnastics!


The Instructions below are for both the General and Squad Sessions;

General Gymnasts: Those Gymnasts who do 1 or 2 hours a week

Squad Gymnasts: Those Gymnasts who do 3+ hours a week

  1. There is NO warm up on the video, so before you press play PLEASE complete the Charisma Warm –Up or similar before you start.
  2. Press Play and you will see two famous coaches talk you through and demonstrate each exercise.
  3. The Exercises are in Sets of 6 (There will be 3 sets of exercises)
  4. Each Set of 6 exercises will be performed twice.
  5. Each exercise in the set will be done for 30 seconds with no rest between exercises.
  6. Once the first 6 exercises have been completed, there is a break of 1 minute ( have a drink)
  7. The first 6 exercises are then repeated.
  8. There then follows a 90 second break and then the second set of exercises will start
  9. The whole process is then repeated
  10. Warm down and stretching exercises are on a separate video
  11. During the week other videos will be posted.

(Please note that the 30 second time for each exercise is arbitrary and gymnasts should aim to push themselves. Younger gymnasts may find 30 seconds challenging in which case 20 seconds for each exercise is perfectly fine, likewise, a squad gymnast may find 30 seconds not challenging enough and may choose to up the time of each exercise to 40 seconds. Again this will be on an individual basis but the key for this workout in order to be effective is for gymnasts to be able to complete the workout fully, but not having too much in the tank afterwards. A good indicator will be how much energy your gymnast has after each workout… for example, after the arms workout if gymnasts are able to perform 20 push ups at the end in good form then the length of the exercises should be increased from 30 seconds.) 

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