Our Motto

“Happiness Breeds Success

Our Vision

Gymnastics should be a way of life! Those who join us at Charisma stay at Charisma and are welcomed into the Charisma family. Our gymnasts who start with us – from as young as 4 years old – progress through the club and then go onto become gymnastics coaches themselves. This is what we call our Charisma Circle of life and it is one of the features that makes our club so unique – everybody who is at Charisma is a part of the Charisma family.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote healthy physical, mental and social development.
  2. To give every gymnast a fair and equal chance to experience, improve and enjoy their gymnastics. 
  3. To inspire gymnasts to use their knowledge and experience to become coaches so that they can teach the next generation.
  4. To work with Southwark Council, Sport England and local schools to promote Gymnastics
  5. To teach children self-discipline through physical exercise. Self-discipline teaches children to become more emotionally balanced and responsible young adults and reduces the chance of those individuals being involved in crime.