Waiting For Scores At Cheam

Cheam Floor and Vault competition 8 March 2020 – Results

Charisma gymnasts had a fabulous day out at Cheam this past weekend for their bi-annual floor and vault competition with several top 5 finishes.

Livvy outscored them all in the 9-year-old category with a strong vault and floor for a gold medal. In a strong field in the same group also competed Lauren (4th), Roberta (5th) and Isla (8th).  

Among the ten-year-olds Dilly competing her floor routine for the first time earned a second place, showcasing a dynamic floor and confident vault. Also competing in that group were Leila (3rd), Kayley (4th) and Poppy (5th). Only the first place alluded this group of Charisma girls to sweep the top five places. 

Another silver medal came in the Class 6, 11-year-old group earned by Ruby, with Lois taking fourth place.  

The lone Charisma gymnast in the Class 5, 11-year-old group and a veteran at Cheam competitions, Isabella got a well-earned silver medal for her graceful floor and sticking her vault. 

Two gymnasts earned a bronze medal, Annie in Class 5, under 7s and Mya in Class 5, 9 1/2 year. Also competing in Class 5, 9 ½-year-olds was Elsie N, finishing right behind Mya in fourth. Grace also earned a fourth place in Class 5, under 9s. Elsie L competing in Class 6, 8 ½-year-olds came a respectable fifth place. Competing in a new age group and improving on her floor score from the Charisma competition in January, Lara earned a well-deserved 5th place in the 12-year-old group. 

Debuting at Cheam, Cleo earned a well-deserved seventh place in a strong group of Class 6, 10-year-olds. Also competing at Cheam for the first time, our youngest competitors in the 6-year-old group were excited to compete outside Charisma and showed confidence and big smiles all around Genevieve (4th), Sophia (5th), Lili (6th). 

Well done girls and coaches! We’re looking forward to more medals and top place finishes in your future.