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I LOVE Gymnastics Camps for February half term


Booking available through your LoveAdmin account, find the ‘how to’ and more information here

To keep everyone as safe as possible and to make sure all gymnasts have fun in a safe environment to practice their gymnastics skills, we are following government guidelines, as well as working closely with Dulwich College. All facilities will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised each day. Gymnastics equipment and mats will be sanitised between groups, sessions and at the end of the day.

We will keep all groups separated throughout the day. Groups will stay with the same coach and equipment will be sanitised between each group. If your gymnast wants to be with a specific friend, please let us know at least two days in advance by emailing this will help us rearrange the groups accordingly.

Gymnasts will be dropped off and picked up in the parking lot of Dulwich College sports Club (Pond Cottages / SE21 7LE). Please help us make this handover as smooth as possible by being on time. Gymnasts will have to arrive changed (there will be a small space for each group for their outerwear), and bring a named water bottle, a named bag with a small snack.

Coaches will avoid spotting gymnasts, unless they feel there is a danger to the gymnast and need to protect them from injury. Coaches will use other techniques and exercises for the gymnasts to get the most out of each session.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this, which will make it possible to run our camps while keeping everyone healthy and happy.

For further enquiries contact: