Cheam 6th December

Well done to all the girls and boys who competed at Cheam on Sunday 6th December, everybody did extremely well considering it was the first competition for a lot of gymnasts. Lots of the girls and boys won medals.


Congratulations to Maria Mosier, Rosa-Ama Frempong and Charlie St Louis , for all coming first in their respective categories. All three girls did exceptionally well.


Congratulations to Agnes Grassie, Summer Prater, Rocsi Matthiesen, Isabella Bird, Olivia Hope, Sophia Jackson, Allessandro Sheldon and Indie Rock for all coming second in their respective categories!


Congratulations to India Chambers, Maisy Saville, Claire Byford, Lulu Simpson, Lyla Ellis, Lila Patel, Carmen Morrison, Ella Missel, Sid Maxime-Hartley, Finlay Fowler and Parker Mauro for all coming third in their respective categories!


There were also a lot of gymnasts who performed very well and only just missed out on the medal positions, in some cases there was less than 1 mark difference between 3rd and 6th place!

4th Place : Soryah Delsol, Tamia Garnell, Mojo McCabe, Charlotte Thompsett and Madeleine Attwell.
5th Place: Ellie Osmond, Aminata Allon, Neela Stone, Willow Cleaver, Bella Langley, Esme Lane and Daisy Cleaver.
6th Place: Elizabeth Sperotto and Ella Barrett.