We have been a member of the foundation since 2006. In that time a number of gymnasts (see roll of honour) have been awarded Jack Petchey Achievement Awards. These young people have all given time, support and effort to the sport of gymnastics in various ways. The funding provided by the foundation has enabled three things to happen:

1. The purchase of much needed equipment.
2. Support for Coaches to attend Courses.
3. Support for gymnasts to attend competitions.

We are very grateful for Jack Petchey’s support

Jack Petchey Roll of Honour


Maddie McCrath, Bradley Read, Tinkerbell Simpson, Lauren O’Leary, Jasmine del Sol, Maia Leonard-Parsons, Livia Wilkinson, Natasha Chambers, Phoenix Brown Martin.


Anais Daly-Gourdialsing, Tatum Smith-Sperling, Clarissa Newell-Price, Elisabeth Heyndrickx, Stephanie Paez Lopez, Lydia Rees, Lydia Pullen, India Chambers and Francis Merry.


Matilda Green, Hazel Usiskin, Marcella Humbles, Katie-Ann Jory-Blacker, Tom Baxendale and Marchella Smith .


Tianna Goulbourne, Evelyn Bonner, Maria Mosier, Tasmin Nixon, Willow Cleaver and Maisy Saville.


Helena Heyndrickyx, Alyda Miller, Hannah Nicholls, Imani Mckenna, Hannah Edwards and Boo Godfrey.


Phoebe Proctor, Zea Tongeman, Phoebe Hatton, Ellie Roberton-Lindsay, Savannah Mcfarlane and Megan Parsons.


Bethan Evans, Ruby Murr, Ella Hullett, Lillyanne Lodhi, Alys Sidaway and Dontaine Thompson.


Lucy Griffin, Tiambe Shand-Luhiltingham, Danni Reid, Alex Corbett, Grace Bowen and Lauren Rousseau-Charles.


Leah Parsons, Zak Mulvany, Sophie Norton, Isla Loba, Shanice Heslop and Rosalind Mcalpine.


Anastasia Davies, Chloe Samuel, Chloe Murr, Jessica Field, Lucy Wawman and Becky Griffin.


Tashana Haye, Rio Coleman, Jaimee Brown, Tania Griffiths, Georgia Marshall, Nichola Richmond and Shanice Heslop.


Georgia Llewellyn, Hannah Llewellyn, Keavy Hunningal-Gaw, Younes Khassal, Lynsey Miller, Rasin Mulvany, Alice Karslake and Lucy Karslake.


Gemma Gregory, Emily Cook, Janine Capel and Freya Cooper.


Jolene Mclwraith